The Association for Computing Machinery at UTSA is dedicated to giving members and students the opportunity to gain experience, network, socialize, learn, and grow outside of the classroom in all fields of technology and computing.

We are first and foremost an official UTSA student organization, an official university chapter of the national Association for Computing Machinery, and a non-profit organization.

Our History

The UTSA chapter of ACM was founded by Danny Tsang and Kurt King in the Fall of 2015, who saw the need for a student organization for nearly one thousand computer science students. Since then, the chapter has grown at a remarkable pace into a huge organization that provides a valuable social environment for students in computer science and other majors.

What We Offer

As UTSA's premier computer science student organization, ACM offers:

  • Career development and opportunities
  • Technical hands-on workshops on various technologies
  • Social events, hackathons, and competitions
  • A fun & welcoming atmosphere for all members